Our story is filled with Southern comfort, family, and big dreams.

welcome to sweet tupelo.

I'm Emily

Pattern designer, clothing maker, and boss around these parts

My entire life I've known I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Aside from "shop til you drop" trips with my mom, some of my fondest memories include years of watching Shark Tank with my dad and spending hours bouncing around business ideas with him. Between both of my parents, I would say that I received the perfect balance of having a passion for fashion while learning how to be business savvy. However, it wasn't until I became a mom that the  idea of comfortable, quality clothes for children became my light bulb moment.

My girls have tons of clothes, but my husband and I always find ourselves searching for a specific quality outfit and being disappointed when it's in the laundry basket. That's because the quality pieces we have are not only soft and comfortable for our girls, but they are easy for us parents to get on and off and hold up wash after wash. Going through the closets I kept thinking, why did I even waste money on these other items that don't feel the same way as our favorite pieces did?

And from there...Sweet Tupelo was born.

we believe in

Quality over quantity, comfortable clothing, and an easy to order process.

what sets us apart

  • We are passionate about quality over quantity

  • Your clothes will last through many laundry cycles

  • We create many of our own patterns

  • Fast shipping and exceptional customer service where you can email with a human (we're Southern after all!)

a truly unique shop

our promise to you

You will feel taken care of from the moment you purchase to the moment you open your box.

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Thanks! Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

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Sweet Tupelo is an online children's boutique providing quality clothing for all occasions with traditional, Southern at heart designs.

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